01. Four American soldiers were injured in Iraq today when their truck was [ambushed] by rebel forces.
02. Mexican revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata was [ambushed] and killed by government troops in April of 1919.
03. The children [ambushed] their father with water balloons as he came out of the house.
04. They [ambushed] their boss with requests for a raise at the annual Christmas party.
05. The women were [ambushed] by a man who had been hiding in the bushes while they were walking thorough the park.
06. I felt like I had been [ambushed] at the staff meeting when Avril and Michelle started asking me all these questions about what I was doing.
07. The prosecution has suggested that Gabriel Demers deliberately [ambushed] his wife and killed her, while his lawyer suggests it was a sudden, totally unplanned event.
08. Mountain lions often wait in trees for deer to come by so they can [ambush] them.
09. Rebel soldiers killed over 20 government troops in a bloody [ambush] just outside the capital city.
10. The rebels had set an [ambush] for the presidential motorcade.
11. The soldiers feared an [ambush] and refused to enter the village.
12. Two Israeli settlers were killed and five injured after being [ambushed] on the way to work.
13. The army disliked entering the area, which offered many convenient locations for the enemy to form [ambushes].
14. The newlyweds were [ambushed] with handfuls of rice as they came out of the church.
15. An Ovambo proverb notes that you cannot avoid what lies in [ambush] for you.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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